"The Master and the Carriage", en allegorisk berättelse av George Ivanovich Gurdjieff

En allegorisk berättelse av George Ivanovich Gurdjieff
The Master and the Carriage - 1997 - The story, a metaphoric description of the human inner condition, begins when a nineteenth century carriage stops at the main square of an unknown city. Night is falling. The carriage driver opens the door, expecting to find his master, but a crowd of strangers steps out. The driver, upset and confused, seeks help from other carriage drivers... He will discover that he is part of a very ancient allegory, the allegory of man compared to a carriage. Thus begins a series of mythic adventures, where his quest can be understood at many different levels, very simple but also symbolical of a much greater meaning.
- Directed by Cyril Lanier Therese Goy - Music by Francois Gigon - Cinematography by Cyril Lanier -
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