Egyptiska konstnärer: Abdel Hadi el Gazzar

"Let me live in the world of magic that I love
as I don't want to know what things really are."
för mer bilder och info om en av Egyptens största konstnärer
Abdel Hadi el Gazzar (1925-1966)
"... the viewer believes that the nature it sees in the drawing is a created object and this is untrue. The true creation starts when the universe began existing and it will end when this universe ends. The artist himself does not know when it started the painting and how he finished it as the painting and the artist is one piece. The different images get melting into the soul of the artist as the artist gets melting into his artistic works. It is the same process like the universe itself when the soul melts into the substance and the substance melts into the soul." Abdel Hadi el Gazzar
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