To our countries, av Faia och Rihan

To Our Countries
is a project produced by a group of youths who live 
in Sweden and are originally from Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine
you can follow them on
Faia on Instagram: faiayo 
Faia on soundcloud: faiayo
Rihan on Facebook and twitter: Rihan Younan

Syria… 3 years and more

Of a crazy, selfish and illogical war

3 years in which souls, hearts and minds have been destroyed

A war that sneaked through the doors stealthily without knocking

To settle down in the homes and humiliate their owners

A war in which children and women were sold in slave markets

A war that brought the nation’s mothers to tears

And exhausted its men

A war that never knew its beginning

A war dreaming of its end


An in Iraq there has been a liberation for more than 10 years

A liberation from injustice, oppression and tyranny

That came with a greater tyranny, injustice and oppression

A liberation in which the people of the country were all expelled

A liberation that divided what’s already divided

And broke what’s already broken

A liberation where civilizations cease to exist

A liberation in which all the Iraqi citizens were marginalized

Regardless of their ethnic and religious background

A liberation that enslaved people and demolished homes

One that killed the human and the motherland


For the past forty years

Lebanon and its people have suffered all kinds of wars

A civil war, a religious war, and a sectarian war

And aggressive invasions

And paying the price for regional turmoil

And international compromises and deals

40 years that made little Lebanon very big in its scars and daily struggles

40 years of pain, a pain in most cases resistant and silent


Palestine, the compass directing all causes.

The biggest and oldest of them all.

More than 60 years of violations

And howls of generations witnessing the illogicality of yesterday

Barbarity of today and fear of tomorrow

Expelling, abusing and deprivation of rights followed by deprivation of land

More than 60 years in which geography has gradually disappeared

So that new borders can be drawn

Borders that penetrate hearts and minds

Borders that refuse to be fused so they cling to history and the future

Borders that create a resistant present and people with willpower

For an existing, alive and lasting nation


Our countries, the countries of wars and pain

The countries of love and dreams

Our countries.


My homeland, am I ever going to see you?

I will see you!

Am I ever going to see you safe, prosperous, triumphant and dignified?

I will, I will see you safe, prosperous, triumphant and dignified!

I will see you!

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