Beirut, by Yasmine Hamdan and Soap Kills!

Lebanese singer-songwriter Yasmine Hamdan is one of the most groundbreaking musicians in the Middle East — thanks in part to her work in the electronic indie band Soapkills — though she's now based in Paris. Also an actress in Jim Jarmusch's Only Lovers Left Alive, Hamdan possesses an allure unlike any performer I've seen, and it comes through clearly in this Tiny Desk Concert. Her singing is both casual and provocative, framed by provocative and commanding movements.

These three songs are stripped-down versions of pieces from Hamdan's current album, Ya Nass. Amazingly, these hypnotic arrangements came together mere moments before her Tiny Desk Concert. Hamdan had only just met Gabriel Gordon when they traveled down together from New York that morning. They're unrehearsed, and yet locked into a sound that's calm, cool and universal. --BOB BOILEN
Soapkills was an indie electro-pop band based in Lebanon. The group was formed in October 1997 when Zeid Hamdan and Yasmin Hamdan, both born in Beirut in 1976 but not related, decided to explore and combine their interest in classical Arabic song and electronic music.
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This is amazing! I was looking for some interesting songs when I first came across the Mashrou' Leile project, then Jadal and now this! Amazing! I had no idea such great Arabic music existed (forgive me my ignorance!). I thought there were only these beautiful dolls singing some sort of love songs who are so unnatural after tons of plastic surgeries that even their own mother most probably wouldn't recognize them. And even though I don't understand a word of this, I still LOVE this! 
Wunderbare Musik aus dem arabischen Sprachraum, habe durch Yasmin Hamdan hierher gefunden. Ein Glück dass ich gerne stöbere, wäre schade wenn ich diese Musik nicht kennengelernt hätte !
LIBAN déchiré. Je ne comprends pas ses paroles mais cette femme a une voix chargée d'émotion. Et puis elle est soutenue par une excellent musique. C'est un des morceaux de Soap Kills que je préfère. 
Wonder, wonder, wonder Full! Lebanon can be proud of you. 
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