Hesham! We watched Quemada in Cairo together a couple of times in the early 70s. Do you remember it? I'll watch it again. I remember the deliberation of the brits about how to get rid of the leader of the plantation uprising without making a saint out of him.


Hi M.! 


Yes, I remember! And he refused to go free.
And they were obliged to hang him and make a hero out of him!

Only suffering seems to prove we are alive, is real and joyful,
i.e. circular, therefore eternal, like atoms, galaxies, wombs…

A friend of mine refused to take his painkiller shots while dying in cancer.
"How can I fight it back if I can't feel it", he said.

Progress and linearity are shortsighted mind constructions disguised as pleasure inducing temporalities, good for mentally disabled “engineers” (I mean those who can’t spell to an-thro-po-lo-gy!) Or those so called “leftists” in Sweden who defend Bush and Cheney and call me a crackpot because of my stand on 9/11. They still defend the imperialists’ conspiracy theory (19 arabs + cave man etc.) even after they found out that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, even after millions died in Afghanistan and Iraq because of a lie, and trillions of dollars went to the tops of the industrial military complex, of which they are a part! Both left and right get their salary from the same bank. This is our tragedy. The same with master Chomsky, and his “Who cares?” when asked about what he thought happened on that day. (In Sweden we have a similar figure called Jan Guillou, although he never presented himself as a scientist, at best an entertainer!) This is where the divide goes between the sincere and the scared. It’s not only about knowledge (extension), it’s also about insight (intension) and the balance between the two. Sweden is full of blind “engineers”. Not Denmark though. Strange! There, “some” dare say what they think and they don’t give a shit about big brothers! So different mentalities although so close to each other.

I have been asking why Danish can do it while Swedes don’t dare for the last ten years, 
and I still get no answer.

Sweden = The most silent country in the world


A couple of enlightening quotes


“Better to know where to go and not know how
Than it is to know how to go and not know where”

(from Quemada, 1969)




“We are civilized people. We don’t kill our enemies.
We get our enemies to kill each other”

(from the Planet of the Apes, 1972)

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