Abida Parveen sjunger Bulleh Shah

Den gudomliga Abida Parveen sjunger Bulleh Shah.




O! Miyan

Love and Fire are similar

But Love has greater hurt

Fire burns wood and grass

But Love burns heart and liver

Water douses fire but

What’s the remedy of Love

Peer Ghulam Fareed says

There remains nothing else

Where Love decides to stay

Black, dirty my face and clothes

Inside too I am just Sins

Jama (robe) world calls me a saint

Fareed, wake up from your sleep and

Go see the world

If you find someone to forgive

So you may be also forgiven

Your love has made me dance

Like mad Thaiyya Thaiyya like mad

O Healer, come back soon

Else forsaken my life will end

Your love has camped in my heart

Cupful of poison I drank myself

O Great one, I have crossed over

O Healer, come back soon

Else forsaken my life will end

Peacocks sing in the groves of love

Bulleh Shah now go to that place

Where everybody is blind

Where none know your name or caste

Your greatness is of your caste too

Great also people of your city

My faults are of my caste too

At fault also people of my city

My beautiful beloved lives in Ka’ba

He injured me, then never asked for me

O healer come back soon

Else forsaken my life will end

Do not effortedly spin the rosary

What’s to count in a rosary

Unto Him who is Countless unto you

Why count anything with Him

Read thousand wise books

Never read your own self

Going into mosques and temples

Never entered your own heart

With the Devil O Man

But never fought yourself

Peer Bulleh Shah says

Man catches what’s in sky

But who resides in man’s heart

Him man is unable to catch

Bulleh Shah, I sit at Inayat’s door

He clothed me in robes of green and red

And caught me the instant

I Flew from my worldly shelter

O Healer, come back soon




Sajda Baba Bulleh Shah

Bulleh Shah var ett indiskt helgon och sufipoet som levde i Indien på 1700-talet.

Hans dikter sjungs idag av alla qawwali i Indien, Pakistan och Bangladesh

Filmen skildrar hans liv på 21 minuter.


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